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Managing our mental health can be difficult at times. You shouldn’t have to manage it alone.

The Changing Tides Counseling & Behavioral Health LLC team of certified, highly skilled, and experienced providers always have our clients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Meet the faces that are here for you. Schedule an appointment today.



Serving California, Maryland, Virginia, DC, & Florida

Owner / Therapist

Kelly is a licensed clinical social worker who has over 10 years of experience working with various populations. Kelly is a certified brainspotting therapist and trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and is TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) certified. Kelly has provided support to military personal and their families while residing in Okinawa, Japan. Kelly has provided support to her clients and their families while working as a Psychotherapist and a Medical Social Worker for patients in Cancer/Oncology, labor and delivery, NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), Postpartum, ICU, the ER, and Foster care youth and families. Kelly has worked with clients from birth to end-of-life. Kelly has dedicated her life to helping others heal from trauma and is the founder and CEO of Changing Tides Counseling & Behavioral Health which was developed with the goal and purpose to bring culturally attuned and supportive care to those who are being served with a holistic approach. 

Kelly is a native of San Diego, California and moved to Maryland in 2014. In 2015, Kelly authored a book, created Rapha’s Arm and started SHE Inc. a non-profit. Rapha's Arm and SHE Inc., were developed to Strengthen, Heal, & Empower clients from the trauma's of intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual abuse/assault.

Kelly received a dual bachelors degree in Sociology and Social Work from California State University San Bernardino and a Masters degree in Social Work from California State University Long Beach.

The head and the body are connected. We need both to survive. ~ Kelly


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

This International Fitness Trainer followed her passion for helping clients commit to be fit and healthy into a multi-faceted business helping hundreds of women especially High Achieving women create optimal WELLth™ by helping them to live with intention and transform in all areas of their life. Quay is the CEO/Founder of Q ur Body Lifestyle, L.L.C. providing coaching programs, webinars, workshops, and training to emerging and High Achieving Executive women with the strategies and tools to expand their mindset and develop the vitality they need to live a life of significance, success and sustainability.


Quay’s fitness career began in Okinawa, Japan as a certified spin instructor. During that time, Quay received her certification as a Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Quay has dedicated her life to the health and fitness industry for over twenty years training military personnel, DOD civilians, diplomats, and others around the world.

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Serving Maryland


Jennifer Novak is an LMSW that has been working with Changing Tides Counseling & Behavioral Health, LLC since May 2020. She graduated with her Master's Degree in Social Work from Florida State University in 2010 and has worked in a variety of environments including family support, substance abuse treatment, hospice, early childhood, and private mental health practice.


Jennifer works with families, children, teens, and adults, through issues including anxiety and depression management, couples and family counseling, anger management, grief counseling and other problems. She understands the importance of getting to know her clients in the context of their history and personal circumstances, and uses techniques such as CBT, trauma-informed practice, mindfulness, psycho-education, and stress management to help clients overcome barriers to achieving personal fulfillment and happiness.



Serving Maryland


DeShawn, a new member of the Changing Tide's Team is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of combined experience in Child Welfare, Services to the Aging, and Crisis Intervention in both Maryland and Washington DC. DeShawn is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work and a native Baltimorean.


Over the years, DeShawn has served clients with various needs; including, untreated mental health, substance use disorders, intimate partner violence issues, unresolved traumatic experiences, processing grief and loss, stress resulting from minimal financial resources, housing instability and food insecurities, in addition to clients presenting with a range of other needs. DeShawn recognizes the importance of all people having access to a therapeutic outlet that will allow them to process experiences and emotions with the goal of gaining clarity and insight to be able to function at their highest, most productive level. 

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Serving Maryland


Anyer Tatis, is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) that has been working with Changing Tides Counseling and Behavioral Health LLC since January 2021. She graduated with her Master’s Degree and Education Specialist Degree in Professional Counseling from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

Anyer has served infant, adolescent, teens, and adults. She is a bilingual therapist that specializes in Trauma-Informed Care, Solution-Focused Therapy, CBT, Narrative Therapy, Nurtured-Heart Approach, mindfulness, psycho-education and has specialized in Parenting Treatment for 3 years. She is experienced in post-partum mental health planning and child development. Her goal is to guide and help clients advocate for their mental health by prompting clients to build their toolbox that will serve them through all walks of life. 



Certified Doula & Birthing Coach

Hello! My name is Hale', and I am honored you have considered me to be a part of your birthing journey. As you may have seen, I am a Doula. My services are Birthing Coach, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counseling, and Postpartum Care. I am a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mom/birthing person before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. I am here to help a mom/birthing person achieve greatness by bringing life into the world. I am here to educate and help them hone in on the capabilities of her body during the birthing process. You can expect compassion, empathy, calmness, and a friend to confide in. I will be the mom/birthing persons biggest supporter. Hiring a Doula can help cut back on time spent in labor, reduce a mom’s/birthing persons anxiety, lower the rate lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections) and improve mother-baby bonding post-birth.

I also provide an array of other services that include; Childbirth Education to get you ready and prepared for this Birthing Journey. While also educating you on the intricacies of birth. Lactation Counseling allow me to help you in your nursing journey. I will help with latch, positioning, and breastfeeding resources. Postpartum Care allows me to come into your home and analyze how you and baby are adjusting to your new life. If there are concerns within my scope of practice, I will address them. I can also assist with light housework and sibling care.


Serving Maryland


Briana “Bri” Cragwell is a Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW) and earned her MSW from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, where she specialized in clinical/macro behavioral health and employee assistance programs. Prior to graduation, Bri spent two years as an AmeriCorps service member, where she worked with youth and families living in disadvantaged communities.

Bri’s professional interests include cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused techniques, internal family systems, wellness, and work-life balance.  Bri is also a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner and is interested in utilizing mindfulness and other alternative care modalities in collaboration with traditional counseling models.

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Serving South Carolina & Maryland


Hello, I am Brittany Williams. I am a licensed social worker who serves clients in South Carolina and Maryland. I attended the University of Maryland Baltimore where I graduated with my Masters in Social Work. I have been providing support to clients for more than 10 years of working in the field of mental health within various positions. I enjoy working with veterans, woman issues, and adolescents. 

Building a healthy and trusting relationship my clients is a priority to me. I want every client that I get the opportunity to serve, to feel that they can be their authentic and true self. I strive for each client to feel listened to, heard, and valued. As your therapist, I will work with you to obtain healing to your capacity and in the most healthy way possible, for you. Each client I serve, will be treated with compassion and respect.


Let’s connect so we can break down those walls that are stopping you from getting to your highest vibration.

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